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About Wicked

Wicked Salon is owned and operated by Pauline McGuirk-Penedo. Pauline has been hairdressing for over 30 years and has a deep understanding of the service industry.

Wicked Salon was born out of the idea that we can make a difference in this industry by delivering our clients a high level of service while providing a friendly and positive atmosphere at an affordable price. With our well educated and talented staff, we are able to provide each client with an exceptional overall experience.

Customer service is something we at Wicked Hair Salon feel very passionate about. Care of clients is the basis of success in all business. Respect, kindness, consideration all add up to confidence and loyalty. Lack of care leaves a client frustrated and upset. An upset client is not a repeat client. We opened Wicked Salon with the intent of always putting our clients first. When you choose to spend time at our salon, we owe you the best service possible.

Our Leader

Pauline Penedo - Owner Wicked Hair Salon

I was born in Dublin Ireland. I knew from a very young age that I wanted to be a hairstylist. Every Saturday my mom would go for her weekly blow-dry, I would go with her. I looked forward to watching and listening to all the local women sitting under the massive hair dryers, all in a row, hair curled every which way, all gabbing about life, kids and things that make the world go round. I loved every minute of being there. I knew that one day it was going to be me that women, like these, would come to, not only to make them look their best but to be a part of their lives. The genuine camaraderie that I felt in that little salon was something I wanted to be a part of.

I emigrated from Ireland to Ontario in the summer of 1984 and took my first job with an Italian fellow who had as much passion for hair as I did. Learning the art of hairdressing is a long and often difficult process and I had many teachers along the way. None had as much influence on me as my first teacher who passed on to me, not only the art of hairdressing but the art of understanding people and effective communicating. To be a good hairstylist you have to care about people. You must offer the best service possible, be aware of your strengths and weaknesses and always be willing to listen to what it is a client is “trying to tell you”. Every client that you have the opportunity to work on should be valued and appreciated. They choose to come in and see you, in a world where we have so much choice. That is certainly something to be treasured.

With these principles and passion I founded Wicked Hair Salon in 2009. I love my job, I love our wonderful industry and in giving us the opportunity to service you, we hope to pass along to you the experience and expertise that we have spent years perfecting. We are still growing and learning every day. We would love you to come and be a part of our Wicked Family and maybe, just maybe, get a feeling of belonging to something wonderful.

Meet Our Team

Brooke R.

Salon Stylist

Brooke has been a Stylist at Wicked since November 2016. She loves working with all hair types and colours, especially Blondes! Brooke strives to make every client feel valued and appreciated. What she enjoys most about being a part of the Wicked Salon team is working with creative, and talented people!

Carissa A.

Master Stylist

Carissa has been a part of the Wicked team since May 2010. She is educated in many L'Oreal colour courses as well Crisace Hair Extensions and Pureology products. She loves to provide clients with colour services that suit their specific needs and personal style. Carissa is always staying up-to-date on the latest colour trends and techniques and is Wicked Salon's L'Oreal Ambassador!

Courtney R.

Salon Stylist

After taking a course in high school, Courtney realized she wanted to become a hairstylist. While she was in hair dressing school, Courtney participated in styling competitions and placed in each one. She is educated in Crisace Hair Extensions and various colour lines including L'Oreal hair colour and products.

Katie V.

Senior Stylist

Katie has been a part of the Wicked team since October 2012. Katie specializes in bright blonde transformations and bridal up-dos. Katie loves being able to transform people’s hair and bring their ideas to life. She is inspired by the art of creation and is consistently growing in all aspects of her career.

Laura M.

Senior Stylist

Laura has been a part of the Wicked team since moving to Canada in November 2010. Laura specializes in haircuts and providing her clients with a cut that is suitable for their individual style.

Miranda S.

Senior Stylist - currently on maternity leave

Miranda joined the Wicked family in December 2012. Miranda specializes in cutting and coloring and loves giving clients a new look that make them feel great! She is constantly taking L’Oreal education classes to update her knowledge in cutting and coloring.

Paula D.

Salon Stylist

Paula has been apart of the Wicked team since June 2018. Graduated from from Career School of Hair Styling in May 2018. One of Paula's passions in hair is to do updo's and Bridal hair because of the experience she can provide for the clients on their big day or event.

Shannon C.

Master Stylist

Shannon has been apart of the Wicked team since July 2012. Shannon's commitment to her work inspires her to keep up with the trends by continuing her education. She specializes in blondes and balayage. Shannon loves working along side a creative team who inspire each other at Wicked.

Zandra L.

Senior Stylist

Zandra joined the Wicked team in May 2015. Originally a journalist in Peru, Zandra decided on a career change and began her hairdressing apprenticeship once she moved to Canada. She loves to stay on top of trends and is always keeping up with new education. She is trained in various product and colour lines including L'Oreal colours. When not at work, Zandra loves to spend time with her family and dog and also loves to bake.